Friday, April 23, 2010

Hip-Hop Music: So much, So what…

Like the fire needs the air)
(I won't burn unless your there)

Yeah, I need you, I need you to hate Me
So I can use you for your energy
You know, it's real shit, feel this! – 50 Cent

World Politics, Education, Wars, Television Shows, Religious dogmas, Purists endorsing fake peace and all that comes with that controversial tag (in front of TV cameras) – Hip-Hop music is one of a kind Genre that emancipates it all with a blend of beats to ensure that it survives! Talking from an overloaded listener’s point of view – Yeah, it feels that Hip-Hop just talks about controversies and that’s why people love it. Just another creepy discussion that would surely take us NOWHERE. So, let’s come out of the closet and talk about some greasy arguments that might help us to predict the future of this form of music!

Like mentioned above, controversies and Hip-Hop music are synonymous to each other. Some of its major highlights are drug use, murder, severe acts of violence, arson and all that you can afford to imagine in your weirdest dreams. Thanks to gangsta rap that has already trespassed every periphery to bring on a new breed of entertainers. And, the popular subject matter moves in and around violence, drug usage, alcohol glorification, big-bucks spending, and fighting – sincerely, all Jaw-Dropping Stuff.

Now the point one: We should understand that they (these entertainers!) talk about these things (Because we love to listen to this *&*&). And, mind it…they do not commit any of these crimes…or even if they do…who Cares! And, why not…when you have millions of followers all across the globe…for them…its all music nothing else! Hard to believe!!

Point two: Is it possible for Hip-Hop music to survive just by eulogizing controversies? Once again, I have to stop myself…It would be too early to say something about that. Every year, Hip-Hop has been posing a serious threat to other popular music genres with its consistently fattening fan base. Something that was discarded just because it was somewhat explicit (in the past)…has now been embraced like never before. Many lost artists or who were about to bid adieu to music industry have revived their careers by taking a simple decision – blending a little bit of Hip-Hop with their music to serve what sells. Now they are mixing it with everything Rock with rap (Hip-Hop), Blues with Hip-Hop and what not!

So, the final note is that apart from those controversies and heated arguments…Hip-Hop is another form of music…and Music is not confined to those scummy boundaries (Good Music and Bad Music)…so people love it! And, that’s all that Matters!

Feeling baffled…Me too! Add your valuable comments to figure out something??? If you find!