Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Solemn confession: No need to give a DAMN!

Running short of breaths with loads to tell before taking that final call. No matter, how many times, we felt…that really SUKS!! But, all in vain, bcoz we are speaking to ourselves. This is wrong that is right…yeah, we feel that. Why unjustified adulation makes people great (or more than that) in this mortal world, where everyone is just clinging on to that moment? Simple thoughts are just great (Bcoz they say so), and who are these bunches of big things? Do they really think that we accept them? Hey, no more fooling around. No more barriers, no more constraints, no more flattery, we know what we are saying. Sick and tired to be on the on the receiving end always, now, its our time to scrutinize hollowness.

If you think we are making that childish noise then, who are you to tell this? No rules, no agony, no ecstasy, no…no…no…loads of stuff rolling on everyday. Take this one. We are here to take something seriously (pay attention!!). Better believe us or join that RAT RACE!