Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Heavy Metal Music: Not meant for everyone!

For some, it’s the way of life to stand up against malicious conventions, atrocities, beliefs and muggy dogmas and for some its insanity exaggerated to stupidity. Heavy Metal Music has been cursed, lashed out and prejudiced over the years by all those who take this as nothing more than a frenzied obsession. Agreed! It’s not that easy to see the darker side of life – not in this way at least. Surprised? Ok, I confess, its hypocrisy that is popping up every time, I am trying to blurt out inhibitions – it happens to all of us. In all my senses, I am here to gruel the details about this genre to reach somewhere, where I can do justice with this extraordinary form of music – no more carp! Whatsoever!

Unconstrained, un-bigoted, and ruthlessly straightforward – these have been remained the forte of Heavy Metal Music. Whereas, it’s explicit (as purists defined it!) lyrics is loaded with Black verses. Anger, Agony, Arrogance, Abuse, Adulteration, Adulthood, War, Satan, Fatality, wrecked relationships and all that seems dark have been all the rage subject matters of Heavy Metal Lyrics. Considering the fact that Heavy Metal Music is loved by innumerable Metal Heads across the world – you have to be weirdly audacious to call it nothing but rubbish! Now, take This! Blame it on our mediocre approach or posing behaviour – people often pick up the negative meaning of some of the finest ‘Heavy Metal’ tracks and shamelessly herald them nothing less than EVIL! The most precise example would be Led Zeppelin’s great track – ‘Stairway to Heaven’ that had been fanatically accused of eulogising evil, when it topped the popular charts across the world. Just a few years ago, Great German Band Rammestin’s amazing number ‘Du Hust’ also incurred the sick wrath of music theorists as they haphazardly translated it as ‘You Hate Me,’ surprisingly its real meaning is ‘You Ask me.’ Who is insane? YOU DECIDE?

Now the million dollar question is that, are such tantrums are good enough to exclude Heavy Metal or its interrelated Genres from Mainstream Music? ‘Old habits die hard’ possibly, this is the reason why our indolent music preferences are limited to those peppy party songs, complimented by that 4x4 beats those rely upon Solo-Chorus format. Quite popular but stale, tried and tested formula! Sounds harsh, but you get what you deserve! Apart from all these hullabaloos and issues, one thing that we all know is that people enter the showbiz to make money – and everybody has a right to do that! I might sound like your agony Aunt here, but all of us want to have loads of matter even if it is mixed with some filth. So, the apparent objective is as visible as the glowing Sun in the Sky. Yeah, money is right there, but isn’t it good to use this medium of expression (Music) to talk about bad things sucking our very own existence? Ok..Question simplified.. Isn’t it sad to overlook the evils prevailing in our society? Nope..not at all! If Black Sabbath used their lyrics to attack those manipulator politicians and leaders who are plotting war against human beings to grind their own axe – then what is wrong? It’s rather confusing.

Whether its about System of a Down’s ‘Chop suey’ track that was banned because of its explicit lyrics or its Sepultra’s latest album’s cover that also incurred the wrath of critics, as it showed some images of Christ in a susceptible way ( So..what about your freedom of expression!). It’s a high time for the music community to take its call upon moral police while ordering them to poke their nose into dirt than killing the sublime creativity. Or, let it go on with all those crappy plastic rhythms, sticky beats and formula music. Once again I Repeat: If music is one of the finest form of expressions and the most despised word ‘EVIL” lets you speak up what you feel….then play it loud to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Beware before you Scream! Just a prelude about Heavy Metal Music..You can add more into it at your disposal! Till then ..Shut Up! Keep listening.