Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Expressions: Say it Unclear…

Imagine a day, when you wake up in the morning and realize that people around have become stoic and there is nothing but one expression lynching over their faces. Even in your weirdest dreams, you would deny this delusion. Because, what is the use of living in a sane world? If there is chaos, tragedy, rage or anything that is considered wild, goes missing just for a few seconds – our lives will be nothing more than loathsome journeys. And, something that adds that fervor to this irreplaceable dimension of life is expressions. They say, they command and they tear your very soul apart – sometimes a twist of nose can signal the arrival of a storm. Let’s have a look or recall all those expressions that have been lingering there in your subconscious mind – even though you try to ebb these intruders many times.

Let’s begin with a demagogue or our very own agony teachers. No matter how far you go in your lives, but that intense stare of your teacher will always follow you – whether you want or not.

Teachers and Expressions: 
A teacher yelling at his students while his eyebrows are trying to reach somewhere above his head. And, when they (teachers) willingly try to embarrass you – just a foul smile carrying loads of excruciating sarcasm casts its spell on you entire living being. And, you end up feeling again that you are the most wretched soul on this Earth.

A usual scene in the office:
You have done nothing wrong, but you are always supposed to incur that superficial or genuine wrath of your boss – depends how you take it. A howl with an open mouth, raged eyes and you are done. OK, it’s more than enough for you. Come on, you are not alone in this Rat Race.

A fight scene:
This is not about all those popular sitcoms where story flows, grows and exaggerates, as it’s premeditated or strictly adhering with that hastily prepared script. Here its two individuals with bulging eyes and fiery expressions and when you witness something like this – you cannot help to think that only one of them will survive. They stare, bark, and in extreme cases some punches and a few kicks culminate a perfect fight scene. Again, here comes that deep seated irony, after a few moments these eternal enemies are looking for excuses to escape each other. You end up feeling like a cheated spectator who went to watch an over-hyped Hollywood flick because you were the unlucky one who watched it’s jumbled up trailer. So, it ends here. As usual it ends up without yielding any conclusion.

And the last one is our favorite, catfight:
Two women or girls whatever you like. Standing against each other to prove that they can be very nasty at times – and you are the lucky one to witness this saga. They look like the perfect wives of Satan with fire in their arms and a complete list of explicit vocabulary in their mouth. Their fight is very well complimented by all those grunts, ooh, aahs and all that you hear in those X-rated movies. They come, entertain and dwindle up like they were never there – another sad end to a women’s tale.

Just a few expressions to remind you – you can recall more to laugh out loud. With this world looking more fragile with the each passing day – it would be thousand times better, if all our anger and animosity stay limited to expressions only.